Rotating Artist Program

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One of the privileges of membership in the Delhi Art Group is participating in its Rotating Artist Program.

We have made arrangements with several hospitals, banks, and the Delhi Village Hall to display your artwork.  Your paintings will be exhibited for up to two months, and a press release announcing your exhibit will be sent by DAG at no charge to you.

You must register with the Program Coordinator, and send color photographs of your paintings.  There are exhibiting criteria given to us by each establishment, so this procedure allows us to determine how best to place you in the program.  You will receive a call from the Program Coordinator inviting you to show.  In order to be fair, the program director keeps a record of who has shown where and when.  You may request to be placed on the waiting list for a particular location, but placement is at the sole discretion of the Delhi Art Group.

Once you accept the invitation to show at a location, you will be given the name and telephone number of the outgoing exhibiting artist.  You must call them to set up a mutually convenient time to take down their show and hang yours.  This must be close to the same day so that the establishment is never left with empty walls.  It's always best to make a trip to the establishment prior to your hanging so that you get a feel of how many paintings you will need and their placement.  Always come prepared with the necessary hanging materials.  If you have a question, ask the outgoing artist what is needed. 

In order for the viewing public to know that your exhibit is presented by the Delhi Art Group, you must make up a 8"x10" poster in a frame to place near your exhibit.  The wording on this poster shall be as follows:

The Delhi Art Group

Presents the artwork of
(Your name)

of Your Address, NY

This artwork is for sale.

Please contact the artist directly at (phone #).


Locations and some hanging guidelines in our program.

O'Connor Hospital Clinic, Andes Road, Delhi, New York--1st side hall and 2nd side of hall.  Hang your artwork on the nails already in place in the hallway.  They will not sell your artwork. Please place a business card on each piece with the price and title. No nudes, controversial or violent subject matter!  Do not hang pictures on Wednesdays.  Contact: Carol Gilbert 607 746-2371.

Fox Care Center, Route 7, Oneonta, New York--There are several areas we exhibit within Fox Care Center.  Be sure you are in the right spot.  They will not sell your artwork and do not want prices displayed.  Put your business card on each painting with its title and number.  Then make a list of title, number and price for your own reference when people call.  Suspend your artwork from a rail on the wall with hooks (provided) and fishing line.  If more hooks are needed, see the contact person.  No nudes, controversial or violent subject matter!  Contact: Betty Ann 607 431-5022.  Ask for floor plan map of this facility.

National Bank of Delaware County, Route 10, Hamden, New York -- Put your business card on each painting with its title and number.  No prices.  Make a reference list for yourself.  Customers will call you directly.  Contact: Darlene 607 865-4170.

Delhi Village Hall, Court Street, Delhi, New York.

For further information or questions, contact DAG's Rotating Artist Coordinator: Jeanette Koji, 607 746-3389.