Delhi Art Group Newsletter

Jan./Feb. 2010
Happy New Year

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Jeanette Koji Painting Class – every 2nd and 4th Monday; 1PM-3PM, Community Room, Delhi Senior Center, 7 Main Street, Delhi, New York.

Susan Priest Drawing Class – every 2nd and 4th Thurs.; 1 PM-3 PM; Immanuel Lutheran Church basement, 565 Andes Road, Delhi, New York.  

Susan Priest Children's Art Class -- every 4th Sat.; 10:30-Noon; 565 Andes Road, Delhi, New York.
With changing weather, if you are unsure about a class being held, please call the teacher, not the church, at least an hour in advance.  Thank you!

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Children's Art Exhibit

The Children’s Art Class will be having their third annual art exhibit at the Delhi Village Hall during the month of March.  Everyone is encouraged to stop by.

Theme Show--"Celebrate!"

Our second annual holiday show, “Celebrate,” was very successful.  Thanks to all who helped make it great.  We will announce the next themed show in a future newsletter.

Group Show in June

DAG will be putting on an art exhibit in the County Building, Delhi, for the month of June.  EVERYONE, including children and ARC students, is encouraged to bring a piece of art for display.  We will have the use of four display cases as well as some wall space for hanging.  Call Susan Priest     (746-3220) if you can participate and what you will be bringing.  This is a     great opportunity for ALL of our members.

Rotating Artist Program

It’s not too late to join this exciting program.  We’re still hoping that more of you will consider joining.  Show the world your talent!  The next rotation will be for April-June.  The fee is only $15.   Call Jeanette Koji if interested.  607-746-3399.

Display Racks

If anyone is interested in purchasing lightweight display racks, check out this website:   A 3’ x 6’ mesh panel is $75.  Two 3’ x 3’ panels which can hook together, to accommodate small cars, cost $90.  If enough artists are interested, we can get a group discount.  If 16-35 racks are ordered, there is a 10% discount on price.  If 36-50 racks are ordered, a 15% discount.  50+ yields a 20% discount.  E-mail Suzanne Arndt at or call 607-829-6753 if interested.

Winter Painting

Artists are seldom affected by winter cabin fever.  We’re the lucky ones who can brush aside a grey, gloomy day just by the act of artistic creation and the use of color!   Now is the time to add to your collection so that when summer comes, you’ll have work to exhibit.  Have fun!