Delhi Art Group Newsletter

March-April 2009

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Jeanette Koji Painting Class – every 2nd and 4th Monday; 1PM-3PM, Community Room, Delhi Senior Center, 7 Main Street, Delhi, New York.

Susan Priest Drawing Class – every 2nd and 4th Thurs.; 1 PM-3 PM; Immanuel Lutheran Church basement, 565 Andes Road, Delhi, New York.  

Susan Priest Children's Art Class -- every 4th Sat.; 10:30-Noon; 565 Andes Road, Delhi, New York.

With the weather changes, if you think your class may be cancelled, you can call the instructor:

Jeanette Koji (607-746-3399) or Susan Priest (607-746-3220) for more information regarding classes. 

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Children's Art

The students from the Children’s Art Class have an art exhibit of some of their art at the Village Hall in Delhi.  It will hang through the month of March.  Students exhibiting are:  Elizabeth and Peter Niebanck, Kassandra and Krysta Moore, Kestra Smith, Quinn Kelley, Monty Damone, Rachael Sluiter, and Madelyn and Sophia Kazmierski.  Please come and view their accomplishments.  We are very proud of them


The Board has chosen four possible workshops for 2009.  We are still looking for more input.  If you are interested in any of these, please let the person heading the workshop know so that we can finalize dates and locations.

“Painting on Crinkled Rice Paper,” with Jeanette Koji Ievolello (746-3399)

“Mat Cutting and Design Techniques,” with Ann Law (829-8787)

“Water-Soluble Colored Pencil Techniques and Applications,” with Susan Priest (746-3220)

We would also like to hold a workshop on acrylic painting, but still need a volunteer to set this up and contact Golden Paints for donations.

Fair on the Square

Fridays in July in Delhi….we would love to see even more participation this year.  There will be further details in the next newsletter, but start thinking now of joining us.  It can be any number of the Fridays, you do not have to commit to them all.  It is not just for sales (though last summer was a big success for those who participated) because our presence is a HUGE plus.  If you don’t wish to sell art, at least come and sit for a while and talk to those who drop by.  The community loves us and enjoys talking to members

Web Page

Have you dropped by lately on our web page?  Visits continue to grow and for those who participate in the Rotating Artist Program, it continues to be a great resource for advertising of their art.  Remember…if you are a Rotating Artist member, you can have some of your work published on the web page.  For more information, contact our web master, Kay Parisi-Hampel at 363-7303.


Sympathies to the family of Ray Aron, who was a member of DAG for several years.  This soft-spoken gentleman mostly attended our sketching classes when we had them.  He was enormously talented.

One last note...the Board is interested in renting the tents that we have.  It would be a $50 rental.  Call Susan Priest for information at (607) 746-3220.